Pollution Control Services

Pollution Control Services is an environmental laboratory doing business in South Texas since 1975. We specialize in chemical testing, biological testing, and routine bacteriological testing of portable water systems.

  • Our Capabilities

    Our experienced team can prepare a final laboratory report with relevant QA/QC information on all samples submitted for analytical evaluation as standard procedure. Additionally, summary reports on batches of client samples are available. Summary reports that integrate graphics or require incorporation of additional information are available for a low fee.

  • Promoting the Safety and Longevity of Your Reports

    We maintain all relevant data generation information on the services and reports we provide to clients for a maximum of seven years (after which the information will be destroyed and disposed of to protect your personal records from being exposed). All analytical reports of sample analysis will be archived on computer tape and stored for as long as reasonably possible beyond the 7-year time frame.